Staircase Marketing Concept – Optimization of Your Business Message

Constructing your business Staircase Marketing Concept plan will have multiple landing areas (goals) you expect to reach and with many steps that are necessary to take to get to each landing area. One element that should not be overlooked is the Company message; what you stand for and the Company’s focus.The strategy utilized to communicate this message should be unique, effective and optimized in several ways. The optimization method chosen characterizes the prospective base you are trying to reach. True, no two individuals are alike but their similarities are quite common.Optimizing your business message takes a creative thought process and every element should not be overlooked. One such element would be the way your business card presentations are structured.As part of your Staircase Marketing Conceptplan, defining ways your best business cards can be optimized will speak volumes.Business cards are your Company’s traveling billboard; one that is seen by multiples of ‘foot-traffic’ in the surrounding areas you visit, or your staff. Standard stock cards are found in more trash cans and bathroom floors than janitors like to mention.Creative Business Cards Should Be Unique To You
Determine the particular landing area (goal) of the Staircase Marketing Concept plan that your business card program fits and begin to re-think the message format you want to structure. Write out each of the steps necessary to traverse in order for you to reach that landing area and begin.Your business cards DO reflect you and should provide a lasting memory to those who receive them. The company logo, your picture or other identifying element is a must. The overall company/personal message required to weave would be better served on the back of the card.Yes, the card is a two-way billboard. Without information on the backs, an powerful source for obtaining prospects is lost. Providing a ‘call-to-action’ or an offer to your capture page is a great thought. Building your leads list requires multiple streams that converge at the landing page.What about presenting an opportunity for potential leads that have general questions about you or your company to go to prior to actually contact with you; say a frequently asked questions toll-free number that ends with your actual contact name and number to go to for more information?Qualifying the Traffic in a Unique Marketing Method
Business cards present the small business owner a creative outlet for devising their message in many creative ways. Depending on the optimization method you chose, your message can effectively persuade more than one individual that views these cards.Do not discount the effectiveness of communication in marketing. Your message requires multiple paths in which to travel and presenting a creative business card strategy can pay major dividends.Breaking down the elements of your marketing strategy into the Staircase Marketing Concept can re-energize the creative juices, develop unique marketing strategies to pursue such as optimizing your business message, and creative business card utilization by you and your staff.

Five Reasons Why Your Real Estate Business Depends on the Internet

Many times when I speak with folks about integrating the internet into their real estate business, folks often nod in agreement. While many folks nod in agreement, a majority of those folks grasp a small percentage of how powerful the internet really is in their business. Here are five reasons why your real estate business depends on the internet!…1. Upwards of 80% of property searches begin on the internet: A growing number of folks now realize how easy the internet makes the buying and selling process. How easy is it to sit in your pj’s and search the country for your new home? The world wide web also makes it even easier to post a short description of a property on a site like How will folks find you without a web presence?2. Your marketing costs are tremendously reduced: Have you ever marketed offline and spent thousands of dollars on advertising? Tons of free or low cost advertising exist on the internet, which are easily systematized. Anything from Google Pay Per Click to blogging empower your business to reach a wider base faster!…3. Motivated sellers find you, resulting in a smoother process: Does it ever feel like you are fighting with a seller if you have called them first? The internet empowers the seller to race to your website where they fill out a form with brief information about their property. BAM! You read over their submission and call them back right away = warm contact .4. Sellers can create a webpage dedicated solely to their property: Sellers… do you ever grow tired of waiting for people to drive by your for sale by owner sign to contact you? Well, now through the power of the internet, you can quickly design your website in a snap, and post to sites like Craigslist or Backpage with a link to your property page. (thousands upon thousands of people visit Craigslist every day)5. The internet is poised to explode your business: The internet has been around since the fall of the Berlin wall, so it’s like a dinosaur, right? Far from the truth… The internet is still in its infancy and once you learn to harness the power of the internet, your business can explode in a relatively short period.Building your real estate business on the internet is simple once you understand the strategies behind the tremendous power of the net. Think of a domain name that is relevant to your real estate business and get your business online today!… Take a deep breath and say it with me… “It’s All Gunna Be Allllllll Riiiiiight!”

Business Ideas – Easy at Home Business Tips

Even large, successful conglomerates started out small, and many started at home in someone’s garage. You may not have visions of this type of grandeur, but either way – chances are you’ll need to start small. Here are some great business ideas to start at home, and if you need to expand into real office space, wonderful!There’s a big difference between providing a service, and selling product. Many at home businesses provide a service because there is no need to find space for product inventory. Providing a service also reduces any start up costs because you don’t need to buy ingredients or products or parts in order to manufacture your product.Providing a service also eliminates the need to worry about merchandise you can’t sell. For instance, selling cookies might be a natural talent, but what happens if you have a few dozen left over that you can’t sell? Sure, it happens to everyone, but if it happens too often it can eat up your profits.The fee for a service also can be negotiated. Even though time is money, and knowledge is gold, it’s all negotiable. With a product, you have an absolute break even point where that product must be sold before you start to lose money. You have a lot of leeway in pricing your service without running into problems.Even though some states force companies to add sales tax to services rendered, an informal (unregistered) company probably won’t get to the point that it starts charging taxes and paying sales taxes. On the other hand, if you are selling any type of product, almost all states charge a state sales tax. If your state finds out you are selling products without charging tax, states aren’t normally too forgiving; you could be hit with some serious penalties. (Internet based companies are different; check with a tax attorney before getting too involved with your new venture.)If you do decide to go ahead and provide a service because it’s so much easier, here are some simple services you can offer that are in demand and can easily make you enough to at least pay your bills – to begin with!Try doing some office administration work; sewing; tailoring; babysitting; pet sitting; house organization, personal shopping or even driving elderly patients to doctor appointments. Can you cook? Bake? Even selling your famous butterscotch brownies to local coffee shops can earn some impressive returns.