Conscious Business Tip 3: A Routine to Create Energetic Space for Ideas to Emerge, Including Writing

This conscious business tip refers to creating an environment for any idea to develop, grow and emerge, including writing.Writer’s Block is one of the terms people use when they are stuck during a writing process. The same thing can happen when a conscious business owner is looking for ideas and plans in their business. It can feel like you don’t have an idea to get started or you are stuck in the middle of a thought or you can’t figure out a way to end. Wherever you are in the process of creating it can be frustrating, disappointing and intimidating to have the flow stop or feel blocked.To create the environment, I developed a “To Be List”. It is more important than my To Do List because the activities help nurture my soul and awaken my spirit.Here is an example of my current daily practice. It is an environment of awakening for a year of writing a book:1) Wake up: Always a good first step. It refers to waking from sleep and I set an intention of opening to ideas, words and listening. I am opening to allow a flow and release the need to control the process. I wake up and relax into the day.
2) Meditate in silence for 15 minutes focusing on the silence within. Eyes closed, visualizing a connection to my heart and the silence. Sinking deeper into the silence with breathing and letting go.
3) Tai Chi for 10 minutes-Starts a flow of energy through the entire body. It is like plugging into an electric circuit.
4) Write one page of thoughts in a journal: This is a brain dump. What thoughts are in here? This can include lists of things to do, like grocery shopping or worries, fears, joys, past, present and future thoughts.
5) As I walk ten minutes to the coffee shop, I focus on the nature around me; birds, trees, mountains, sky, clouds and the sun rising.On the way to the coffee shop the ideas begin to flow. The barista at the coffee shop pours my coffee as soon as i walk in and puts a bagel and cream cheese on a plate. While the bagel toasts, I open my computer, take out the head phones, connect to and the Jason Mraz station. I plug into the music, the computer and the routine for two hours.By creating a routine and a schedule I have created an environment for the book and the ideas. I have set an expectation of readiness, wonder, curiosity. The filter is off and I write whatever appears. The editing, organizing, and structure of the book will happen at another time.For now, I open to the flow. Infinite possibilities appear. All is well.